How to Improve Your Memory?

Memory is one of the important parts of the brain that helps us perform better throughout our lives, and even memory performance can to some extent indicate the level of intelligence or vigilance of people. For example, we need to use our memory while studying or to remember daily tasks; Therefore, we must know ways to strengthen memory.

Exercising and eating healthy

Two important factors that play a role in brain health and memory enhancement are exercise and healthy eating. Exercising increases blood supply in the body and by absorbing more oxygen in the blood, it helps to provide better nutrition to nerve cells. Especially in all kinds of aerobic sports and doing sports that are not heavy; You can not only help your fitness, but also improve your brain function. Healthy eating is also a secret of memory enhancement, with the help of which you can supply the minerals and vitamins that the brain needs for its function and in this way help your nervous health, increase your intelligence and strengthen your memory. Therefore, do not underestimate the effect of diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle in strengthening memory.

Dark fruits and vegetables, especially blueberries and Pemborong Kurma, are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants, in turn, provide some of the best nutrients for the body. Research shows that flavonoids, natural plant pigments found in blueberries also help improve memory. Eating blueberries improves memory and motor skills.

Due to the presence of vitamins, dates strengthen memory. Dates contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and K. If you regularly eat 2-3 dates a day, you will not have problems caused by lack of memory in middle age.

Trying to remember

You might think that if your memory is poor, trying to remember is pointless. In fact, just as working the muscles of the body increases the volume of muscles and their better performance, working the brain cells can increase their performance and improve their health. You can use this memory enhancement secret by trying to remember different topics instead of making a list and writing them down.

Learning skills

Learning new skills, especially sports or dance movements, creates communication synapses in the brain that help improve memory and increase brain function in the long term. It is interesting to know that people who practice all kinds of dance and dance movements can increase their brain function in learning, memory and creativity without doing extra work.

Repetition of new skills

You might think that memory has nothing to do with repetition, and if you do something out of habit and with repetition, it means you have a poor memory; But it is interesting to know that just as in children learning any new skill such as holding a spoon and fork and repeating it makes them perform this action better and also have more brain development, in adults doing a new task that improves with repetition It is found to improve memory and strengthen brain function.