How to make date rolls


Black dates: one kilo

Wheat flour: about 1 cup

Cinnamon: one tablespoon

Solid oil: 1/2 cup

Chopped walnuts: 200 grams

Pistachio or coconut powder: some for decoration

Steps to prepare date rolls with walnuts:

To prepare this healthy roll, first start preparing the dates and put the walnuts inside the dates. If you want, you can peel the Kurma Rotab beforehand and then put the walnuts inside the dates. Now put the flour in a container and put it on the flame, stir it frequently until it changes color and becomes golden.

Add the melted solid oil and continue to stir the ingredients until it turns brown. Remove the pan from the heat, pour half of the flour into the mold and smooth it with the back of a spoon or a palette.

Arrange the dates on the ingredients and sift the powdered sugar and cinnamon on the dates and pour the rest of the ingredients on the dates and strain. Cover the ingredients with cinnamon and pistachio powder and leave the mold aside for a few hours until the ingredients harden completely.

Dates are one of the fruits that provide the body with vitamins A, B, C, E along with minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Dates are effective to prevent high blood pressure and anemia to some extent and have antioxidant effects and neutralize stomach acid.

Regulating blood coagulation, improving intestinal problems, reducing anxiety and anger, and creating relaxation during pregnancy are other benefits of using Kurma Rotab Mazafati Bam Green Diamond. Some studies have shown that dates alone or with milk are also effective for improving sleep.

Consuming dates for each age group is determined by a specific amount due to its high calories, for example, children should not eat a large number of dates because it will keep them full for a long time.

All three dates are considered as a unit of fruit and considering that 4 to 5 units of fruits and vegetables should be consumed daily, dates can be considered as a unit of fruit for healthy people.

Consuming dates is recommended for providing calories and blood sugar suitable for the body and satiety in dawn and Iftar meals, and it is said that consuming fresh dates is better than dry dates and its benefits are naturally more.

Dates are one of the fruits that we can safely say that there is no one who does not like them. A sweet and delicious fruit, at the same time very nutritious and energizing, if dates are consumed in moderation, they help regulate blood sugar. Especially in the month of Ramadan, dates are welcomed more than before, and the most important reason is the regulation of blood sugar. 2-3 dates a day regulate blood sugar well. You can read the healthy breakfast with Kurma Madu Green Diamond and all the benefits of this heavenly fruit in this article.


Although it is said that dates contain a lot of sugar, but due to the lack of glucose, it is one of the healthiest sugary substances.

♦ Due to the presence of calcium, dates help to strengthen bones.

It is not without reason when we say that dates are rich in mineral salts. There is a lot of calcium, potassium and phosphate inside this fruit, and this vitamin is very important in building the bones of growing children and maintaining the structure of bones in adults. It is effective.

♦ Due to its strong antioxidant properties, it protects against diseases and cleanses the body.

The high nutritional value of dates makes it beneficial for the whole body. Also, because of this feature, it repels free radicals in the body and thus protects against diseases.

♦ Due to its high antioxidant content, it also prevents cancers.

Dates protect the body against all types of cancer. It prevents the creation of cancer cells as much as possible and shrinks and destroys the created cancer cells.


♦ Dates greatly reduce the risk of heart and lung diseases. It removes everything that causes blood vessels from the body and thus prevents the occurrence of diseases related to the heart and blood vessels.


According to recent studies, it has been proven that date seeds are rich in antioxidants and with a kind of defensive effect against liver damage, it inhibits free radicals, which, as a result, protects the DNA structure.

Date seeds are useful in treating blood sugar problems!

Date seeds are useful in the treatment of problems related to blood sugar, diabetes and related complications, and it has shown great protective effects against early diabetic liver and kidney complications. Nowadays, date seed coffee is produced, and one of its most amazing properties is the treatment of diabetes!

. It has antiviral properties!

Date seeds act as antiviral agents against various human pathogenic viruses and can be useful in the treatment and prevention of many types of viral infections. One of the most important properties of date kernels is wound healing. Common wounds or purulent wounds are treated with date seeds. For this purpose, they burn the core of Pengedar Kurma Malaysia and after it cools down, they eat it near the wound, which heals the wound.

Prevent kidney and liver damage!

Date kernels are rich in proanthocyanidin, which actually helps protect the liver and kidney against chemical damage.

Removal of kidney stones with date seeds

Removing kidney stones is another wonderful property of date seeds. People who suffer from kidney stones or bladder stones can crush a few date seeds and boil them in water and eat them twice a day.

Dates contain copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, a number of B vitamins, including vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.

On the other hand, Kurma Madu Malaysia contains good amounts of vitamins A and K and carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin. Dates are also rich in fiber, which is very useful for eliminating toxins from the body in a convenient and effective way.


Due to the presence of magnesium, dates strengthen the muscle energy of the body and increase the general strength of the body, and due to the presence of phosphorus and magnesium, it strengthens memory.

Eat three dates a day

Many studies have been done on the health benefits of people who consume dates. A study conducted in 2003 in this field and published in the International Journal of Food, Sciences and Nutrition, shows that dates are an ideal food that provides a wide range of essential nutrients for the body and has many potential health benefits.


The conclusion of this study states that dates contain at least 15 minerals, including selenium; Selenium is an element that many researchers now believe is a powerful anti-cancer agent and powerful immune system booster.

This study also showed that dates contain 23 types of amino acids and some very good unsaturated fatty acids such as palmitoleic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids.


It should be noted that in order to benefit from the benefits of dates, it is not necessary to consume a ton of dates, but only by consuming three 3 dates per day, you can benefit from its amazing results.


So far in medical history, no study or research has shown that it is necessary for pregnant mothers to completely remove dates from their diet. In fact, most of these studies claim that the consumption of this food during pregnancy can help the pregnant mother and the fetus inside her womb and benefit both of their bodies from various nutrients and vitamins.


Benefits of eating dates during pregnancy:

Dates are a rich source of protein, fiber and many different vitamins, while being very low in fat. Also, this nutritious fruit contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is very useful for maintaining the health of the digestive system of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb of these people. Also, it is interesting to know that date fruit has a good amount of natural sugar and is rich in potassium and less sodium. As a result, it can be claimed that its consumption will help regulate the nervous system of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside their womb. In the continuation of this article, some of the most important benefits of consuming dates during pregnancy are mentioned. These include:

Providing the necessary energy during pregnancy with dates:

Women’s bodies need a lot of energy during pregnancy, so consuming Kurma Mazafati Seri kembangan will be the fastest way to provide energy to these people’s bodies.

Having an elongated and long body of the fetus by eating dates during pregnancy:

Proteins usually consist of amino acids, which make up the body cells of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside the womb of these people. According to these descriptions, in order for a child’s body to stretch and grow and have sufficient growth, it must receive enough protein from the fetal period and inside its mother’s womb. Therefore, pregnant mothers must consume enough protein to support the growth of the baby inside her womb and to meet the needs of her body.

Weight control during pregnancy with dates:

Since, in order to keep the digestive system of pregnant women healthy, the body of these people should be protected from the problem of constipation, so consuming date fruit, which has a high amount of fiber, will be a good option. In addition to these cases, the consumption of date fruit can regulate the blood cholesterol level of pregnant mothers and protect the body of these people from contracting various infections. With the beginning of the pregnancy process, mothers are at risk of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, and consuming a lot of fiber during this critical period will help to prevent these problems in their bodies. Finally, don’t forget that consuming date fruit during pregnancy is also very useful for maintaining a balanced weight for women.

Undoubtedly, any food that you bring for consumption cannot be like dates because dates are easily portable and can increase your energy and you can easily access them. If you are a bodybuilder who needs more energy, definitely adding dates to your diet can bring you many advantages. But in the following, we will try to examine the three main benefits of using dates in bodybuilding and fully mention the use of dates in bodybuilding.


Dates are also very important in bodybuilding. For example, the benefits of using dry dates in bodybuilding or any other type of date can have far different effects. But in general, dates have many advantages that we will mention quite a few below:

Dates Fruit:


Prevents muscle cramps

Muscle cramps usually occur when this muscle is not relaxed enough, and this issue can cause problems, of course, this can be due to a lack of potassium and magnesium in a person’s diet, and considering that dates are rich in potassium and magnesium, it can It helps with muscle pain and muscle cramps caused by bodybuilding exercises and can improve these problems.


Causes quick recovery

Dates are rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants can help reduce inflammation in the body, which makes muscles recover better, and on the other hand, there is evidence that antioxidants may be able to reduce muscle pain that occurs later. They come from bodybuilding, help and are also a very high antioxidant supplement, and dates can definitely be one of the best options for people looking for quick energy and recovery.


Improves metabolism

Another important benefit of Pembekal Kurma Selangor is that it improves metabolism. The B complex vitamins in dates help regulate and manage your body’s metabolism, which means that these vitamins take the food you eat and turn it into usable energy for your body. What could be better than that you can achieve such a state by using a very good fruit.


There is also evidence to suggest that increasing these vitamins can help fight fatigue and actually fight fatigue, giving you more energy. It doesn’t matter if you are during training or if you intend to consume such foods after training, dates will help you have more energy both during training and throughout the day.

Can food be medicine? Sometimes, yes.

In recent years, it has become clear that what you eat can be very effective in preventing or reversing some health problems, especially chronic constipation. Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. There are some serious medical conditions that can cause chronic constipation. Be sure to see a doctor for a medical evaluation. If you’re healthy and looking for safe and effective long-term relief for chronic constipation, you may find self-medication on grocery store shelves. There are hundreds of plant-based fiber foods and products available to relieve constipation. In this article we would like to point out the types of fibrous foods for the intestines and know what effect they have on health; So stay with us until the end of this article to know the light foods for the gut and the best fruit to strengthen the gut.

Types of fiber foods for children’s constipation


A variety of fibrous foods for the intestine

About 14% of people experience chronic constipation at some point. Symptoms include passing stools less than three times a week, straining, lumpy or hard stools, incomplete emptying, feeling blocked or unable to pass stools. The type and severity of symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people rarely experience constipation, while it is a chronic condition for others.


Constipation has many causes, but is often the result of food moving slowly through the digestive tract. This may be due to dehydration, poor diet, medications, illness, diseases affecting the nervous system, or mental disorders. Fortunately, certain foods can help relieve constipation by increasing meal volume, softening stools, decreasing bowel transit time, and increasing bowel frequency. In the following, we mention some of the items in the list of fiber-rich foods.


Dates are a very healthy fruit that you can include in your diet.

Kurma Madu Shah Alam is rich in several nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, all of which can have health benefits ranging from improving digestion to reducing the risk of disease.

There are many ways to add dates to your diet. One of the popular ways to eat them is as a natural sweetener in various foods. They also make a great snack.


Prunes, also known as prunes, are widely used as a natural remedy for constipation and are one of the most nutritious and light foods for the gut. They contain high amounts of fiber, with approximately 3 grams of fiber per serving, which is 1.4 cups (40 grams).

The insoluble fiber in plums, known as cellulose, increases the amount of water in the stool, which can make it bulky. Meanwhile, the soluble fiber in plums is fermented in the large intestine to produce short-chain fatty acids, which can also increase stool weight. In addition, plums contain sorbitol. This sugar alcohol is not well absorbed by the body and causes water to be drawn into the large intestine, leading to a laxative effect in a small number of people.


Finally, plums also contain phenolic compounds that stimulate beneficial gut bacteria. This is thought to contribute to their laxative effect. An older study of 40 people with chronic constipation found that eating 100 grams of prunes per day significantly improved stool frequency and consistency compared to treatment with psyllium, a type of dietary fiber. You can enjoy plums on their own or in salads, cereals, oatmeal, baked goods, smoothies, and hearty stews.


Apples are rich in fiber and are one of the best fiber foods for constipation in children. In fact, a medium apple with skin (about 200 grams) contains 4.8 grams of fiber. Although most of this fiber is insoluble, apples also contain soluble fiber, mostly in the form of a dietary fiber called pectin. In the gut, pectin is rapidly fermented by bacteria to form short-chain fatty acids, which can draw water into the colon, softening stools and reducing intestinal transit time.

A study of 80 people with constipation found that pectin speeds up the movement of stool through the gut, improves symptoms of constipation, and increases the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Another older animal study found that rats fed a diet containing apple fiber had increased stool frequency and weight, causing constipation, despite being given morphine.

Apples are an easy way to increase the fiber content of your diet and reduce constipation. You can eat them on their own or cut them up to add to salads or cooked dishes.


You don’t have to be a strict vegetarian to have an alkaline diet, but it is mostly plant-based. According to, the following foods are good choices for an alkaline diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables significantly increase the alkalinity of the diet. Some of the top picks in this basket include: mushrooms, citrus fruits, dates and raisins, spinach, grapefruit, tomatoes, avocados, horseradish, alfalfa grass, barley grass, cucumbers, kale, wheatgrass, broccoli, oregano. Cabbage, garlic, ginger, green beans, cabbage, celery, beetroot, watermelon, figs and ripe bananas.

All raw foods: Ideally, try to eat a good portion of your produce raw. Unripe fruits and vegetables are said to be biogenic or “life-giving”. Cooking foods destroys alkaline minerals. Increase your intake of raw foods and try juicing or lightly steaming fruits and vegetables.

Plant-based proteins: Almonds, navy beans, lima beans, and most other beans are good choices for protein.

Green Drinks: Drinks made from powdered green vegetables and herbs are rich in alkalizing nutrients and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is structurally similar to our own blood and helps alkalinize the blood.

Raw foods in an alkaline diet

In the alkaline diet, it is better to eat all foods raw.

What foods should not be eaten in the alkaline diet?

In this diet you should avoid all acidic foods. These foods are as follows:

High sodium foods: Processed foods contain large amounts of sodium chloride (table salt), which constricts blood vessels and creates acidity.

Cold foods and ordinary meats

Processed grains such as canned corn


Caffeinated drinks and alcohol

Oats and products made from whole wheat: All grains, whether whole or not, create acidity in the body.

Milk: Calcium-rich dairy products cause some of the highest rates of osteoporosis. The reason is the creation of acidity in the body! When your bloodstream becomes too acidic, it steals calcium (a more alkaline substance) from your bones to balance the pH level. So the best way to prevent osteoporosis is to eat lots of alkaline green leafy vegetables!

Peanuts and walnuts

Pasta, rice, bread and packaged grain products.

Since dates are rich in protein, fiber and many vitamins, as a result, they have very little fat. In addition, this nutritious fruit has a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is very effective for maintaining the health of the digestive system of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb of these people. It is also better to know that date fruit contains a good amount of natural sugar and is rich in potassium and has less sodium. As a result, it can be said that consuming this fruit will help a lot to regulate the nervous system of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside their womb. Eating dates is safe and beneficial for the mother and the fetus, the sugar in this fruit causes rapid analysis and conversion into energy. It can be done without any change in the blood sugar level of the body. Also, its laxative property has caused uterine contractions to be stimulated and labor pain to be reduced and the process to be done faster.

Kurma Medjool Green Diamond can be consumed at any stage of pregnancy. You just have to be careful about the amount you consume.

In the first trimester, constipation is a common problem and dates help to prevent it, and it is better to eat them in moderation in early pregnancy, especially if you have blood sugar problems or have blood type B.

During pregnancy, women’s bodies need a lot of energy, so eating this fruit will be a quick way to show energy to these people’s bodies.

In addition to being effective for the health of women during pregnancy, the consumption of dates can provide the necessary vitamin K for pregnant women. This vitamin plays a significant role in maintaining good blood coagulation and having healthy bones. Having healthy and strong bones is essential for pregnant women.

In addition, mothers must have adequate blood coagulation to have a safe and healthy delivery process.