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Eating Dates in Pregnancy Helps Mom and Baby

  So far in medical history, no study or research has shown that it is necessary for pregnant mothers to completely remove dates from their diet. In fact, most of […]

All About Date Seed Coffee

Date seed coffee is similar to coffee with appearance properties such as color, smell and taste, but it is prepared and produced only from date seed in several stages of […]

Milk and Dates Make a Healthy Food

According to traditional medicine, milk has a cold nature, and its consumption is not good for people who have a cold temperament, and it is better to consume it with […]

Food Sources of Fiber

  Fiber is very nutritious and has amazing properties. Fiber is mostly found in plant foods and fruits. Wholemeal bread: Unlike white bread, which has little fiber, whole-wheat bread is […]

What to eat during period?

  For many people, what should we eat during our period? Eating the right foods during your period will make your period easier. Some of the foods that are recommended […]