So far in medical history, no study or research has shown that it is necessary for pregnant mothers to completely remove dates from their diet. In fact, most of these studies claim that the consumption of this food during pregnancy can help the pregnant mother and the fetus inside her womb and benefit both of their bodies from various nutrients and vitamins.


Benefits of eating dates during pregnancy:

Dates are a rich source of protein, fiber and many different vitamins, while being very low in fat. Also, this nutritious fruit contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is very useful for maintaining the health of the digestive system of pregnant women and the fetus inside the womb of these people. Also, it is interesting to know that date fruit has a good amount of natural sugar and is rich in potassium and less sodium. As a result, it can be claimed that its consumption will help regulate the nervous system of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside their womb. In the continuation of this article, some of the most important benefits of consuming dates during pregnancy are mentioned. These include:

Providing the necessary energy during pregnancy with dates:

Women’s bodies need a lot of energy during pregnancy, so consuming Kurma Mazafati Seri kembangan will be the fastest way to provide energy to these people’s bodies.

Having an elongated and long body of the fetus by eating dates during pregnancy:

Proteins usually consist of amino acids, which make up the body cells of pregnant mothers and the fetus inside the womb of these people. According to these descriptions, in order for a child’s body to stretch and grow and have sufficient growth, it must receive enough protein from the fetal period and inside its mother’s womb. Therefore, pregnant mothers must consume enough protein to support the growth of the baby inside her womb and to meet the needs of her body.

Weight control during pregnancy with dates:

Since, in order to keep the digestive system of pregnant women healthy, the body of these people should be protected from the problem of constipation, so consuming date fruit, which has a high amount of fiber, will be a good option. In addition to these cases, the consumption of date fruit can regulate the blood cholesterol level of pregnant mothers and protect the body of these people from contracting various infections. With the beginning of the pregnancy process, mothers are at risk of developing high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, and consuming a lot of fiber during this critical period will help to prevent these problems in their bodies. Finally, don’t forget that consuming date fruit during pregnancy is also very useful for maintaining a balanced weight for women.

Date seed coffee is similar to coffee with appearance properties such as color, smell and taste, but it is prepared and produced only from date seed in several stages of the process.

Date seed coffee has therapeutic and effective properties that you will see its positive effects and results after a short period of consumption.

This coffee is rich in vitamins such as: A-B-C-D-E-K-B1-B2-B5-B6-B9-B12 and other vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, as well as fiber and acids. It is useful fat, protein and calories.

Dates contain oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are vital for health. Kurma Mazafati Seri kembangan can be consumed in different ways, such as the combination of dates with milk, which is very useful and nourishing.

Therapeutic and effective effects:

Effective in the treatment and control of diabetes

Effective in solving digestive problems

Effective in controlling blood pressure

Effective in strengthening and helping the growth of hair and nails, skin rejuvenation and freshness.

Effective in removing kidney and bladder stones

Effective in increasing breast milk

Effective in regulating female hormones

Effective in reducing and treating joint pain

Effective in prostate treatment

Effective on strengthening the nervous system, calming and helping to improve nervous diseases

Strong antioxidant and wound healing, against all types of germs, bacteria and viruses

According to traditional medicine, milk has a cold nature, and its consumption is not good for people who have a cold temperament, and it is better to consume it with dates, which have a warm and moist nature, or honey.

Dates are a source of important minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and sulfur. Minerals in milk include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. The combination of milk and Kurma Mazafati is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins B and A and can provide the calories needed for daily activities.

If you suffer from anemia, it is better not to consume date milk; Because consuming iron-rich foods along with calcium-containing foods can prevent iron absorption.

To make this drink, take the kernels of a few dates and mix them with a glass of milk in a blender. If you wish, you can add a little sugar or honey to this mixture and enjoy drinking it.

Dates contain amounts of selenium and magnesium, which are essential for bone growth and strength, and milk is rich in calcium, which prevents osteoporosis.

Milk solves some digestive problems, including constipation, and the fiber in dates improves digestive function, and the mixture of these two together can prevent some digestive disorders.

Date milk is a very good source of minerals needed by the body because dates contain important minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium, and milk is also rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium.

Date milk is a very nutritious and useful drink for pregnant and lactating mothers, which is rich in minerals and calcium and is very effective in the better development of the fetus and the health of the mother’s body.

The amount of protein in the combination of milk and Kurma Piarom Seri kembangan can improve the level of protein in the brain and prevent the weakening of memory and aging of the brain and promote brain health.

Date milk also plays a very effective role in strengthening and strengthening the teeth, and consuming this drink during the day is very beneficial for the health of the teeth due to the amount of calcium it contains.

Milk is rich in calcium, and dates also contain amounts of calcium and magnesium, and the mixture of these two together can be the best source of calcium needed by the body during the day.



Fiber is very nutritious and has amazing properties. Fiber is mostly found in plant foods and fruits.

Wholemeal bread:

Unlike white bread, which has little fiber, whole-wheat bread is an excellent source of fiber; 100 grams of whole grain bread has about 7.5 grams of fiber.

White beans:

In addition to carbohydrates, protein and minerals, white beans have a very good source of fiber; Every 100 grams has 6.8 grams of fiber.


Plum has the best effectiveness in constipation; It has antioxidant properties.


Green peas can provide your body with a lot of fiber. One of the advantages of using peas is that you can store them frozen, and use them in most of your diets.

One of the remarkable features of peas is that it can provide 100% of the vitamin C your body needs; It means that by consuming as much as peas, you will not need to get vitamin C from other sources.


One of the basic needs for good health is getting enough fiber. By preventing constipation, fiber can also be beneficial for the health of the digestive system because it promotes regular bowel movements by helping to form stools. In addition, the fiber in dates can help control blood sugar. Fiber also slows down digestion and can prevent blood sugar from rising too much after eating. The fiber in Kurma Mazafati Wholesale can help dieters feel less hungry.


Unfortunately, the amount of consumption of this food item among people is very low, while turnip is one of the most important sources of calcium, potassium and especially fiber.

There are about 5 grams of fiber per 50 grams or half cup of turnips. Contrary to what people think about this food, turnip is very useful and nutritionists recommend its consumption.

Brussels sprouts

If you are looking to get high fiber from food, Brussels sprouts can be a good choice for you as one of the best sources.


For many people, what should we eat during our period? Eating the right foods during your period will make your period easier. Some of the foods that are recommended to be consumed during periods are listed below:

  • drinking water

Drinking water during period is very important. If you are one of those people who have severe headaches during your period, you should drink a lot of water. Consuming a lot of water will reduce headaches during this period.

  • Ginger

Ginger tea can reduce some painful menstrual symptoms. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects and can soothe muscles. It is even suitable for women who have nausea during their periods. Some studies have shown that ginger effectively reduces nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy. Ginger is an inexpensive food that you can easily prepare. So be sure to use it during your period.

  • Dates

Regular consumption of Jual Kurma Mazafati facilitates the blood circulation and helps purification of blood. – Dates are a natural cure for menstruation and anemia.

  • Chicken

Chicken is one of the foods rich in protein that you can add to your diet during your period. Consuming protein is necessary for your overall health and can help you feel refreshed during this time.

  •  banana

If you have diarrhea or intestinal dysfunction during menstruation, bananas can help you solve this problem. Eating bananas during pregnancy improves bowel movements due to the high amount of magnesium and potassium.

  • Salmon fish

Salmon is rich in iron, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This fish is a useful nutrient for your period diet. Its consumption compensates for iron lost during menstruation. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of salmon reduce muscle pain.

  • Dark Chocolate

Surely you have heard about the benefits of dark chocolate! Your period is the best time to eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a delicious and healthy snack, rich in iron and magnesium. However, it is better not to go for processed chocolates with artificial sugar. Dark chocolate is one of the foods that increases menstrual blood and is useful for compensating the blood lost during this period.

  • Nuts

Most nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent source of protein. They also contain magnesium and various vitamins. It is better to add nuts to your diet during your period.

  • Broccoli

Feeling tired during period is one of the symptoms that many women experience. By consuming broccoli, you feel better during this time. This food contains fiber and iron and by delivering nutrients to the body, it reduces abdominal bloating and improves bowel movements. You can eat broccoli boiled or roasted.

  • Portugal

Vitamin D and calcium present in oranges reduce anxiety and depression during menstruation. Abdominal pain is one of the most important symptoms of menstruation. Eating oranges will make you not experience period pain. But you may ask yourself how?

When vitamin D and calcium are consumed at the same time, abdominal pains are reduced and depression is prevented.

  • egg

Eating eggs is recommended as a useful food item during periods. Eggs are rich in iron, beneficial fatty acids and proin. To reduce menstrual pain, it is better to eat eggs every day.

  • Lemon

Lemon, tangerine and orange make your mood better during your period. If you feel nauseous and tired during your period, drink lemon juice. Citrus fruits are rich in fiber, nutrients and lots of water. Therefore, consuming them during your period will reduce your symptoms and make you feel better.

  • beans

Legumes are rich in iron. If your iron level is low during your period, it is better to add legumes to your diet.

  • yogurt

Yogurt has magnesium, calcium and other nutrients. Many people get vaginal bacterial infections during or after their period. To prevent infection, it is better to eat foods rich in probiotics such as yogurt during this period.

  • Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea, in addition to making you relax and feel better during your period, is very useful for the uterus. Chamomile tea will reduce severe abdominal pain. In addition, it helps you relax more and sleep more easily.