Undoubtedly, any food that you bring for consumption cannot be like dates because dates are easily portable and can increase your energy and you can easily access them. If you are a bodybuilder who needs more energy, definitely adding dates to your diet can bring you many advantages. But in the following, we will try to examine the three main benefits of using dates in bodybuilding and fully mention the use of dates in bodybuilding.


Dates are also very important in bodybuilding. For example, the benefits of using dry dates in bodybuilding or any other type of date can have far different effects. But in general, dates have many advantages that we will mention quite a few below:

Dates Fruit:


Prevents muscle cramps

Muscle cramps usually occur when this muscle is not relaxed enough, and this issue can cause problems, of course, this can be due to a lack of potassium and magnesium in a person’s diet, and considering that dates are rich in potassium and magnesium, it can It helps with muscle pain and muscle cramps caused by bodybuilding exercises and can improve these problems.


Causes quick recovery

Dates are rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants can help reduce inflammation in the body, which makes muscles recover better, and on the other hand, there is evidence that antioxidants may be able to reduce muscle pain that occurs later. They come from bodybuilding, help and are also a very high antioxidant supplement, and dates can definitely be one of the best options for people looking for quick energy and recovery.


Improves metabolism

Another important benefit of Pembekal┬áKurma┬áSelangor is that it improves metabolism. The B complex vitamins in dates help regulate and manage your body’s metabolism, which means that these vitamins take the food you eat and turn it into usable energy for your body. What could be better than that you can achieve such a state by using a very good fruit.


There is also evidence to suggest that increasing these vitamins can help fight fatigue and actually fight fatigue, giving you more energy. It doesn’t matter if you are during training or if you intend to consume such foods after training, dates will help you have more energy both during training and throughout the day.

The best foods during period

Some research shows that eating healthy foods during periods is effective in reducing period symptoms.


According to the Women’s Health Institute, about 90% of women experience one or more of the following symptoms before menstruation:


Period pain or dysmenorrhea

hot flashes

Breast tenderness




lower back pain

Mood swings


Constipation or diarrhea

Considering that diet is effective in reducing period symptoms, in the rest of the article, some foods and foods useful for period period are introduced.


Drinking enough water is essential for health. Drinking enough water during menstruation reduces headaches caused by dehydration and prevents water retention and bloating.


According to the recommendation of the British Public Health Service (NHS), drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day is necessary for the body.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits like Pembekal Kurma Selangor and vegetables are the best go to. In addition to being rich in nutrients and fiber, these useful foods are also effective in reducing period symptoms.


The results of a 2018 research on Spanish university students showed that vegetarian diets and eating more fruits and vegetables relieve menstrual pain.


Other studies have confirmed the effectiveness of consuming fruits and vegetables to reduce period pain. Of course, this issue has not been proven to improve the symptoms of people with endometriosis.

Lentils and beans

Lentils and beans are rich sources of iron and protein. As you know, consuming enough protein is essential for health, and during menstruation, in addition to supplying the body with nutrients, it reduces the desire to consume less healthy options.


In addition, legumes are an excellent source of the essential mineral zinc (zinc), which is an effective factor in reducing painful period cramps.

Fish and seafood

Fishes, especially tuna, salmon, sardines and oysters, with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory effects and are effective in relieving period pain.


A 2012 study investigated the effect of omega-3 supplements on the intensity of menstrual pain and showed that women who took omega-3 supplements experienced a significant reduction in the intensity of period pains compared to the placebo group. It is worth mentioning that these maples sometimes used lower doses of ibuprofen for pain control.


Another study in 2014 showed that omega-3 consumption is effective in reducing depression. Therefore, consuming omega-3 is useful for people who experience low mood and more mood swings during periods.


Foods containing omega-3 that can be consumed during menstruation include:


Flaxseed and flaxseed oil

Chia seeds


Algae oil

Soy and canola oil

Fortified foods such as some yogurts, fruit juices