What should we eat to strengthen memory?


Blueberry is a memory boosting fruit that proves how small things can sometimes make big and wonderful effects (for example, look at how tiny the pepper is). These tasty little treats have many benefits. For those who are not familiar with this fruit, it should be said: blueberry is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin C, K and plenty of fiber. The high level of gallic acid in this fruit protects the brain from pressure and stress, and as a result, don’t forget to eat this delicious fruit to strengthen your memory.


Eating dates help you improve the function of your memory and learn faster. Include in your diet to enjoy its amazing memory benefits. Kurma Rotab Mazafati Bam Shah Alam contains choline and vitamin B that is very beneficial to our nerves growth and functioning.


Broccoli is one of the most nutritious and useful foods for strengthening the brain and increasing memory power. So mothers are really right to insist on eating it so much. Vitamin K and choline in it keep the memory fresh and alert.

It is rich in vitamin C and just one small container provides 150% of the daily requirement of vitamin C for the body. It is rich in fiber and helps you feel full sooner. You can eat broccoli raw or cook it and use it in various dishes.


Celery is a low-calorie vegetable and has countless properties. Each cup of celery juice has only 16 calories. The high level of antioxidants and polysaccharides in celery makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and is very useful in the treatment of diseases such as joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

Celery is rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. If you are looking to lose weight in addition to keeping your loved one’s memory and brain fresh, you can count on celery. When using celery, don’t limit yourself to the stems and use the leaves as well.

Coconut oil

┬áThere are more than 77 uses and treatments for this oil. Simply put, there’s almost no pain that can’t be cured by it. So it is natural that this problem solver has a lot to say about helping the brain. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, helps strengthen memory, especially in old age, and disinfects the intestines.