Dates As a Weight Loss Aid

I’ve been searching for new and interesting ways to include dates in my diet, and have discovered many dates are excellent for diet control and weight loss. The first was a brilliant idea: making a puree of coconut meat and leaving the peels on top of the dish. The lovely thing about using coconut water or juice as a base for sauces, soups, purees, and other food preparations is that the fruit is very high in fat, but the natural coconut flavor makes the dishes taste great. In addition, the glycemic index for coconut oil is relatively low, and it’s a very versatile food item.

As I researched dates for my recent post on “Dates Medicinal Uses” I found an interesting article in the September issue of Runner’s World Magazine that incorporated the use of dates in a diet to reduce lactic acid during intense workout. The report explained that the acidity in lactic acid builds up in your muscles causing pain and a loss in performance. The report also explained that lactic acid is eliminated by working out. The author used two different versions of the diet, one using coconut meat and one using peels from dates. Although both approaches worked, the coconut meat was the better of the two in my opinion. If you’d like to try using coconut milk in your diet, you can purchase it at any local nutrition center.

The second article I found about dates for diet and weight loss was titled ” Dates Medicinal Uses” in the September issue of the runner’s world magazine. The article was written by Holly Hayden who showcased several uses for the fruit in her movie starring Jennifer Aniston as a fitness trainer. The article included a great cover letter from Aniston and a detailed description of her weight loss program. The interview gave me some wonderful ideas for using dates as a weight loss and dieting aide.

The third article I found was called ” Dates Medicinal Uses” in which the author spoke about an organic colon cleanse that she had completed in order to help her lose weight. She began by sharing that she had used a detoxifying product called Thriomid which is sold online as a suppository. After using the product she was surprised at how fast her body felt after taking it and felt more energetic overall. Her energy level increased so much that it actually started to annoy her to the point that she had to stop using the product because she got irritated by it.

That inspired her to write her second article about “dates as a weight loss aid” which gave a detailed account of what dates she had used to slim down and stay healthy during the two years she spent dieting. The main things she shared were her dates, and I am not just talking about any old date, but the spa she went to for a spa treatment to help her weight loss. The spa was supposed to be a “stress buster” however, according to her story, did not live up to expectations. She experienced back pain during her treatment and a horrible headache that she thought would be temporary when she left the spa.

After experiencing the awful headache and back pain she headed to her doctor to find out what was wrong. She was told she had a high calcium level and high potassium levels and that will cause problems when trying to diet. The good thing was that she had pictures full HD of her the spa and was able to show my doctor exactly what she had done. This will probably not help with any diet plans, but can be a quick reference when trying to lose weight on your phone. If you are trying to lose weight using an app, pictures full HD of yourself at a spa can be helpful to show your app users what you are doing while you are on a diet.

This article only scratches the surface of the articles I have written on both “dates as a weight loss aid” and “the Spa”.