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Selangor’s Date Shops: A Paradise of Exquisite Dates Delights

Welcome to Selangor, a haven for date enthusiasts seeking the finest, most delectable dates fruits. This article will take you on a journey through the vibrant streets of Selangor, where […]

Kidney failure and its nutrition

Chronic kidney failure is a stage of kidney failure in which the kidneys are no longer able to function normally and perform their tasks, including maintaining balance.   Special points […]

The amazing effects of date seed oil on skin and hair health

The nutrients in Pemborong Kurma Shah Alam are beneficial for the hair bulb and its growth and help keep your hair healthy and strong. Vitamins and effective substances in date seed oil are […]

Avoid hair loss naturally

The nutrients in dates are beneficial for the hair bulb and its growth and help keep your hair healthy and strong. Natural treatment for hair loss Dates are an excellent […]

Dates Fruit Helps You with Blood Pressure

Dates are one of the fruits that provide the body with vitamins A, B, C, E along with minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium. Dates are effective to prevent […]

Date seeds prevent DNA damage!

  According to recent studies, it has been proven that date seeds are rich in antioxidants and with a kind of defensive effect against liver damage, it inhibits free radicals, […]

Eating Dates in Pregnancy Helps Mom and Baby

  So far in medical history, no study or research has shown that it is necessary for pregnant mothers to completely remove dates from their diet. In fact, most of […]

foods to avoid to be fit

It is hoped that after reading the recommendations of this article, you will reduce the amount of junk food you eat. These foods are as follows: Sugar-based products: Foods rich […]

3 Benefits of Using Dates for Bodybuilding

Undoubtedly, any food that you bring for consumption cannot be like dates because dates are easily portable and can increase your energy and you can easily access them. If you […]

Quick solutions to prevent the desire to eat sweets

  Do you eat a whole bar of chocolate to prevent high blood pressure? And after that, do you drink a soda? If eating sweet snacks makes you want more […]