The amazing effects of date seed oil on skin and hair health

The nutrients in Pemborong Kurma Shah Alam are beneficial for the hair bulb and its growth and help keep your hair healthy and strong.

Vitamins and effective substances in date seed oil are absorbed by the skin at a high speed and increase its moisture. The created moisture, in turn, makes the skin more elastic and removes wrinkles.

Some of the most important properties of palm seed oil are as follows:

Rejuvenation, transparency, removal of wrinkles and spots from the skin.

Prevent hair loss, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Remove wrinkles around the eyes.

Helping hair regrowth and thickening.

Favorable effect in repairing and preventing brittle nails.

Also, date seed oil has many therapeutic effects, including the treatment and relief of joint pains and muscle cramps.

“Date seed Oil” has the ability to transfer vitamins and minerals needed by the skin due to its excellent moisturizing properties and rapid absorption in the skin, and helps in cell repair and new collagen production in the skin.

Palm seed oil is full of palmitic, lauric and myristic fatty acids.

The presence of these acids in palm seed oil makes it suitable for the production of skin care products. Also, the presence of these fatty acids will be very effective in keeping the skin of the face moist, which makes the skin soft, smooth and uniform.


Palm seed oil protects the skin from UV rays.

Vitamin C and E in palm seed oil protect cell walls and regulate collagen breakdown. These vitamins increase the ability of the skin against the UV rays of the sun.