Richest food items


Nuts and dried fruits are among the most useful and richest food items. These food items have high calories and can meet some of the basic needs of the human body.

Nuts can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Properties of walnuts

The nutritional value of walnut kernels shows how useful they are to eat. 7 halved walnuts (14 grams) contain 9 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbohydrates, as well as good amounts of important minerals. Compared to other edible nuts, walnuts have a lower amount of carbohydrates. Studies have shown that consuming walnuts may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In another study, it was shown that increasing the consumption of walnuts for 6 months helps to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar control.


Among different nuts, walnut consumption is equal to fish consumption in terms of omega-3 fatty acid intake. Almost every 2-3 walnuts contain omega-3, as much as about 200 grams of fish meat. Omega 3 found in walnut improves brain function and can prevent dementia. Another benefit of eating walnuts is that walnuts are a good source of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that having a diet containing walnuts leads to brain health.

Walnuts also strengthen the brain and increase the ability of nerve cells. Walnut leads to the elimination of constipation and sleep disorders in people. Today, the role of adequate rest and sleep on people’s health has been clearly proven. Consumption of walnuts increases the strength of the immune system and thus increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

One of the things that increase the nutritional value of dry dates is the hematopoiesis of this tree fruit, which in modern medicine is related to having iron. Dried dates contain a significant amount of an important and essential element called iron. Lack of iron in the body causes fatigue and lack of energy in the body. Eating a good amount of Pemborong Kurma Mariami during the day can effectively relieve the symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy caused by anemia in the body.


On the other hand, our brain uses sugar to function properly. In fact, our body even converts other food that reaches it into the sugar it needs so that it can produce the energy it needs. This system is just like converting the common currency in any country we travel to. The energy unit of our body and brain is a very simple sugar that we can provide the body with by eating dry dates.


Dried dates contain substances that have the ability to clean the intestines from pollution, and eating them can help the body to cleanse itself of toxins in the digestive system.


Another benefit of dry dates is to relieve hunger. So that the calorie of dry dates is 23 and 282 units of energy enter the body for every hundred grams of it. Therefore, if you are one of those people who feel hungry and have false appetite many times during the day, it is enough to eat a date instead of high-calorie and fattening foods. After some time, your hunger and sudden cravings will be controlled and less.