Best Time To Consume Dates

Dates are always considered as one of the main energy supply options for daily activities and sports. Dates contain mineral salts that are essential for athletes and are recommended for before and after training due to the presence of protein and iron.

Due to the wide area of ​​date cultivation in Iran, many types of dates can be found in the country, such as Zahedi, Mazafati, Khasavi, Medjool, Rabbi, Piarom, etc.

During exercise and doing exercises, potassium in the body decreases and sometimes muscle cramps occur, so consuming dates, which are rich in potassium, can prevent muscle cramps. Also, consuming dates after training and daily activities helps the body recover.

The best time to eat dates

Many people are interested in consuming dates because of their high fiber and sugar content, but they don’t know if there is an ideal time to eat dates.

Regardless of the numerous benefits of dates, the best time to eat dates is when you are hungry. Dates are usually needed after exercise, because during exercise you have lost a lot of energy and need to regain it.

During exercise, the body’s metabolism increases, so it is recommended to consume a fruit such as dates, which contains many mineral salts. The combination of dates with walnuts, peanuts and other ingredients can be a healthy and complete snack for the daily activities of children and the elderly.