10 food supplements to compensate for the lack of antioxidants

If you can’t get the antioxidants your body needs by eating natural foods, you should take help from food supplements. Children’s nutritional supplements are also suitable for malnourished and malnourished children. With the help of antioxidant pills, you can eliminate free radicals in the body and stay healthy and fresh. But the important question is, what are the best nutritional supplements to compensate for the lack of antioxidants and how should it be prepared?


Vitamin A: Taking vitamin A in the required amount can be effective in preventing vision loss and diabetes. Borong Kurma Malaysia is a source of this vitamin.

Vitamin C: Taking vitamin C is effective for joint pain and reducing bacterial and viral infections in the body.

Glutathione: This supplement helps absorb vitamins, produce some enzymes, detoxify, digest fats and destroy cancer cells.

Selenium: Selenium helps the secretion of adrenal glands and thyroid. Also, taking this supplement is useful for asthma patients.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll helps to prevent all types of cancer and you can find it in the leaves of vegetables.

Astaxanthin: You can use astaxanthin to improve the skin and prevent its aging.

Quercetin: Taking this supplement will help reduce cardiovascular diseases, allergies, infections and chronic fatigue.

Lutein: Lutein consumption is useful for improving vision and diseases of eyes, skin, arteries, heart and immune system.

Resveratrol: Taking this supplement is useful for treating wounds, fungal infections and maintaining heart health.

Frankincense oil: Frankincense oil can help prevent and treat all types of cancer such as breast, brain, colon and prostate cancer.