Dealing with Anemia? Read This!

Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that allows them to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Hemoglobin is also a component of myoglobin. Myoglobin is very similar to hemoglobin, except that it is found in muscle cells. If you don’t absorb enough iron, you will feel tired and anemic. Men need an average of 8 milligrams of iron per day, and women, before menopause, need 18 milligrams of iron per day. Iron is found in both vegetables and animal products.

White beans

White beans are one of the plant sources of iron. Half a cup of white beans has more than 3 milligrams of iron. This amount of white beans contains 6 mg of fiber and 500 mg of potassium. White beans are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B and antioxidants.

  • beef liver

Beef liver needs no introduction. We all know about the high amount of iron in this nutritious substance. A slice of it has more than 4 milligrams of iron. A rich source that, in addition to iron, protein, B complex vitamins, vitamin A and 33 units of vitamin D. The total food calories of this material is 130.

  • lentils

Lentils are another vegetable source of iron. Half a cup of lentils has more than 3 milligrams of iron. In addition to having a lot of iron, lentils are also high in protein, vitamin B, magnesium and zinc.


  • Dark Chocolate

Nothing makes us happier than the news that chocolate is also good for health. Each piece of chocolate has 3.5 mg of iron. Chocolate contains high amounts of iron and in addition, it has 232 calories. Of course, be careful not to eat too much chocolate!