Suitable food for menstruation


What to eat during menstruation?

Since the body goes through many changes during this period, having a proper diet will help a lot in maintaining your vitality. Therefore, in this section, we introduce the best food for period:


Regular foods

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best spices for menstruation. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties that you can reduce the pain of this period by adding it to your food.


During your period, more than ever, you need healthy fluids and water. Because your body water is lost along with bleeding. As a result, you should be careful that your body does not face dryness and dehydration.


Banana contains fiber, potassium and calcium; Fibers are very effective in relieving muscle pains as well as menstrual pains. It can also reduce the body weakness that most women experience during periods.


Broccoli can largely compensate for the water lost in your body during menstruation; It will also give your body enough strength to cope with the weakness and pain of period.


Dates are proved to generate heat in our body. Eat dates fruit regularly in a well-measured quantity to have a better menstruation experience.


Salmon fish is one of the best sources of food that can be prescribed for women during periods. This fish contains omega-3 fatty acid, which eliminates the pain and inflammation of the uterus and also removes heartburn. Salmon also has many vitamins that can provide you with energy during this period.


Orange contains vitamin C and is also considered a useful source of calcium. In addition to ensuring energy and body health during menstruation, this fruit can also help to improve a person’s mental state.

Women are facing problems such as depression during this time, and orange helps to restore their spirits a lot.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a herbal sedative that can reduce menstrual cramps. It is better not to use sweet chocolate during period, because the sugar in sweet chocolate stimulates pain and will lower the pain tolerance threshold.


Green vegetables

The level of iron in the body of women is generally lower than that of men. During menstruation, the amount of this iron drops more; As a result, women are overcome with problems such as dizziness, tiredness, and fatigue, all of which are caused by iron deficiency; For this reason, by consuming green vegetables, this deficiency can be compensated and the mental and physical conditions of the person can be improved.



If you are one of those women who find it difficult to tolerate period pain with nausea, you can try ginger. In addition to eliminating menstrual pain, ginger can eliminate your nausea during your period and even during pregnancy, as long as you don’t overdo it. It is enough to pour a small amount of its powder in tea and drink it.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast contains high fiber and iron that can help heal period pain and also provide the protein your body needs during this period.


Mint tea

Mint tea is one of the best relaxing teas for this period, its use will calm the nerves of women during menstruation, and it will also facilitate the tolerance of physical pain in the direction of greater mental peace. Peppermint tea also helps to improve digestive problems and reduce abdominal pain.


Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of the most effective foods for menstruation. This tea, in addition to calming the nerves, soothes the uterus and reduces its contractions to a great extent.

Foods containing magnesium

In general, it can be said that magnesium is the most important factor for reducing body inflammation. For this reason, you can greatly reduce menstrual pain and inflammation by consuming magnesium in foods such as beans, peanuts, or potatoes.